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A surreal fantasy RPG inspired by roguelike games and interactive fiction. Become a magician in the world of Phenomedom! Escape from prison! Learn rituals! Collect paragraphs! Converse with conjoined twins! Do battle with wild and original enemies, including pookahs, imp-imps, and boogadah dream porridge. Altogether there are dozens of areas to explore, hundreds of  original monsters to slay, and nearly two hundred citizens brimming with  lies and idle gossip.

There are also some puzzles, and a fair number of shrewd (lewd?) jokes. Mild  psychotic interludes and hallucinatory episodes are also featured.

For cluebook & other feelies contact nathan.jerpe@gmail.com


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Legerdemain: game (JRE not included) 14 MB
Legerdemain: game (bundled w/ JRE) 51 MB
Legerdemain: source code 2 MB
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Is there any alternative diagonal movement scheme available or way to reassign those keys? My numpad does not work, and I'm stuck in the very first section of the game - I can't leave because diagonal movement is necessary.


Yes! IIRC there's a configuration panel available from the main menu, from there you can switch to the Roguelike keyset  which remaps to letters for diagonal movement. Hope this helps! Cheers -Nathan

Got it. thank you :)


Picked this up from Nathan himself at DragonCon years ago. I still love pulling out my disc and playing through it from time to time.

This time I notice your website is down, so I'm unable to peruse the website like before. 

Good to see this updated--my old version has pretty much broken!

I can't seem to run this, though. It looks like it's expecting a file called legerd.TheApp that it can't find?

I can't reproduce the problem on my (Windows) setup. What OS are you using? When in doubt I'd recommend trying the larger download version (~51 MB) that comes bundled with the JRE instead, it is more self-contained and less dependent on your particular environment.

Thanks for the quick reply! I'm using Mac OS X 10.14.6. When I double-click on legerd_mac.command (in the version bundled with GRE) I get this in the Terminal window:

/Users/mcweiner/Downloads/legerd1.1.0-cd-manifest/Legerdemain/legerd_mac.command ; exit;
MacBook-Air:~ mcweiner$ /Users/mcweiner/Downloads/legerd1.1.0-cd-manifest/Legerdemain/legerd_mac.command ; exit;
Error: Could not find or load main class legerd.TheApp
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: legerd.TheApp

There are some .jar files I have that I can run so Java isn't completely not working on my computer, but I don't know how things work with the specific JRE. (It looks as though the jre folder has one for linux and one for win32, but not for OS X--is the linux JRE also used for OS X?)

It's also possible that I might be able to use Wine to run the .bat file, if I can work that out.

Cheers again!

Glad to see this classic staying available. Is it still possible to get the guidebook and stuff (roguelikefiction link is dead)?

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Hi, yes I still have some books, although we'd have to figure out payment. $20 plus shipping, ($3 for US/CA, otherwise more). Paypal or a personal check would work.  You can contact me nathan.jerpe@gmail.com. Thanks for your interest! Cheers